Transpersonal Psychology,

Natural Medicine, Healing,

Art, Spirituality

Welcome to the health center - a sanctuary of well-being, the place where your journey of mind and body rejuvenation begins. If you are looking for a holistic approach that combines ancient wisdom and modern techniques, you are in the right place.

My Way of Working

Holistic Friendly Approach

I perceive individuals as holistic entities and adopt a thoroughly personalized approach, engaging with the realms of the physical body, emotions, behavior, and consciousness.

Unitity of East and West

I blend my knowledge eclectically, merging ancient, traditional therapies with modern technology and approaches suited for the 21st century!

Free First Appointment

I always provide an opportunity for my clients to familiarize themselves with me and my working methods before they choose to engage in any form of therapy or counseling.

Natural & Quantum Medicine

Natural medicine embraces methods and treatments that empower the body to heal itself, harmonizing mind, body, and spirit. It adopts a holistic approach, accentuating prevention and leveraging natural resources to attain optimal health.

Quantum medicine encapsulates a holistic health approach, melding the wisdom of quantum physics with the methodologies of Western and Eastern medicine, alongside aspects of bioelectronics. Quantum physics' insights have elucidated that energy forms the bedrock of all life. Utilizing contemporary devices from the realm of quantum medicine, we can pinpoint disrupted energy flows within the body, identify disorders in their nascent stages, and promptly initiate healing along with lifestyle alterations to thwart their recurrence.

Transpersonal Psychology & Healing

Transpersonal psychology transcends the conventional comprehension of the mind, delving into profound realms of consciousness and spirituality. Through this lens, healing morphs into a voyage of self-discovery and transformation, encompassing the entirety of one's being. Embark on an odyssey of intertwining the mind, body, and spirit, unveiling a richer equilibrium and purpose in your life.


Unearth a bounty of wisdom and inspiration in my online store, where a curated selection of books, enriching online courses, angel cards, and whimsical fairy-tale paintings awaits your discovery. Immerse yourself in a realm of knowledge, creativity, and artistry designed to embellish your daily life with a touch of magic.

About Conny

My work is not based on religious or philosophical beliefs, it’s based on equality, (no matter of gender, age, race, nationality, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.), nonviolence, socially responsible behavior, tolerance, and acceptance of differences between people.

I’m using my knowledge and skills eclectically with a holistic and friendly approach through the integration of knowledge and wisdom of transpersonal psychology, spirituality, various directions of psychotherapy, natural medicine, and art.

As a therapist, I infuse authenticity and soul into every facet of my endeavor, valuing a genuine connection with those I assist. I am here as a companion for the misunderstood, the empaths, the gentle and artistic souls, and all those who retain the honest wonder and imagination of children. Whether you yearn for transformation, enhanced life quality, or simply a kindred understanding, I am here to walk with you, every step of the way, on the voyage to the most enriched version of yourself.

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Natural therapies for mind, body, and soul

I harness techniques aimed at enhancing life quality and natural methodologies that foster self-healing and equilibrium within the body. My expertise lies in the realm of quantum medicine, encompassing bioresonance therapy and NLS diagnostics, melded with traditional modalities like homeopathy, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, and atlas therapy. In the sphere of psycho-emotional therapy, I employ a diverse range of methods including transpersonal therapy, hypnotherapy, theta and angelic healing, homeopathy, Bach flower therapy, meditation, and art healing to facilitate a holistic healing journey.

Conditions and disorders I address:

Physical conditions

Emotional and psychological problems

  • stress

  • chronic fatigue

  • restlessness, irritability

  • chronic crying - constant "pms syndrome"

  • "burn out" syndrome

  • seasonal and mild depression (not clinical)

  • second phase of PTSD and STS (not acute phase)

  • anxiety, fears, panic attacks, phobias

  • mourning the loss of a loved one

  • loss of motivation, creativity and inspiration

  • loss of meaning and purpose of life, feeling of worthlessness

  • lack of self-confidence

  • feeling of not belonging

  • feeling "I'm all alone in the world"

  • feeling "no one understands me"

  • and similar conditions

  • psychosomatic disorders

  • hormonal disbalances in puberty, perimenopause, and menopause

  • pains in the neck and spine caused by an incorrect position of the atlas

  • dizziness and migraines caused by incorrect position of the atlas

  • digestive disorders (diarrhea, constipation, gastritis, etc.)

  • colds with accompanying symptoms (inflammation of the throat, sinuses, etc.)

  • decrease in immunity

  • and other

Health Center Harmony

The Health Center Harmony, a non-profit organization, alongside Harmony Trade, operates under the license of HUPED, offering a range of therapeutic and healing services, consultations, and lectures encompassing transpersonal psychology, natural medicine, and artistic expression throughout the Istria region, with our headquarters located in Poreč.

All our endeavors and services are seamlessly intertwined, forming a unified whole. The primary objective of all our activities is to enhance and maintain health, uplift the quality of life, and foster disease prevention.

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I learned a lot from her. She is one of those people, with whom you learn something new every time. This is especially interesting when you learn something about yourself that you either didn’t even know or you hid it deep in your subconscious. Anyway, with her … it’s getting easier and more interesting.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need the advice of a professional, experienced, spiritual, and gentle person … feel free to contact her.

Believe me, you will discover a great deal about yourself and about life. The nicer things, but also the less-nicer things. But with her guidance, you will embrace them and find that long-sought peace within you.

Tajana Kaurloto, dipl.oec

Poreč, 06.09.2019.

I can only say words of praise for Conny; always very professional, unobtrusive yet full of understanding, warmth, and love. No matter my actions or words, I never in any way felt from her side a condemnation, a rude word, or even a glance, but quite the opposite.

What really meant a lot to me was the constant feeling that Conny was dedicated to me, my progress, my path, and that she wanted me well. She was prepared for every session, she knew exactly what and at which point to say because she knew and understood how I was thinking and how she could reach me with a little word. And most importantly, she taught me that everything I need is right inside. I will be forever grateful to have met such a wonderful person because there are no words I can describe Conny, you need to experience her.

Katarina Devčić Kitrica, dipl.oec.

Poreč, 30.08.2019.